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[icon] im all out of wit... - vanity_case101
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Current Music:the noise the fan is making
Subject:im all out of wit...
Time:03:33 am
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
i cut my hair tonight
and got rid of my sideburns....sorta
i met a boy.....sorta
that's the whole reason i cut my hair....sorta
im 20, that's young, right
cuz i feel old......not so much old as everyday is the same and the routine is old
boy is it old
to be honest....im really afraid
that's how its going to be from now own
the same....cuz that's all its been so far
a long fucking road with no scenery is what it feels like
that same stretch of highway you've been on for hours and not a break in the monotony in sight
you know, to be honest, if i got a boyfriend i really wouldnt know what to do with it
at this point.....do i REALLY know how to love or express something that isnt complete misanthropy and contempt
i mean, it's something that i think about all the time....having been so devoid of anything positive for such a long time has really left me lost and discouraged when it comes to those matters
what's it matter anyway.... no one in their right mind could ever want me
because im ugly, on the inside too
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Time:2005-09-18 05:15 am (UTC)
I know how you feel...in all respects.

After years of being abused by everyone I ever got close to, I didn't know how to conduct myself with someone who was truly wonderful.
Because of that, I fucked it all up.
It does happen and it isn't pretty. Just hang on to whatever you can that keeps you from turning into a monster.

You're artistic, hilarious, spontaneous, and way more intelligent than almost everyone.
No matter what else you may think of yourself, don't let your self-esteem suffer.
Out of all the people I know, it's you that I think most highly of.
You're the only friend I've EVER had who didn't take advantage of me or hurt me.

You're the only friend I have that truly lives up to the definition of the word.

I usually don't tell you these things because I know how uncomfortable they make you.

I'm sorry, but you rock.

I'd also like to go out on a limb here, while I'm being honest, and let you know that I feel somewhat incomplete without you around.
Life just isn't the same.
That's why I bug you so much about visiting and moving and whatnot.

I guess the only other thing I have to say is that romance is NOT all it's cracked up to be. It's not even half of what it's cracked up to be.
Don't change yourself for some asshole. You'll regret it later.

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[icon] im all out of wit... - vanity_case101
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